Gadgets for the Music Lover: Top Picks for Audiophiles

Written: editor | April 4, 2023

If you are in search of a trendy music accessory for yourself or as a gift for a music enthusiast, then you have come to the right spot. In this article, I have compiled a selection of the most stylish music gadgets and accessories that can be purchased online. If you have any additional suggestions, please share them in the comments.

unique sound. What makes Joue Play stand out from other digital music instruments is its smartphone app and the ability to easily swap out the pads. After spending some time with this device, I was incredibly impressed with how simple it was to create music even without any prior expertise in the field. Joue Play is a portable music controller that includes rubber pads and a surface. All you need to do is place a pad on the surface, connect it to your smartphone and speaker (if desired), and open the app. Once connected, you can simply touch or press the buttons on the pads to create music. With its innovative features, Joue Play is definitely one of the most exciting music gadgets available online. The product comes with four different pads, each producing its own distinct sound. [More info]

signal to the device, allowing you to instantly switch to a specific instrument setup. The development team behind ORBA 2 have also included a MIDI out feature, enabling you to connect it to other MIDI-compatible devices or software for even more creative possibilities. Whether you're a professional musician or just someone who loves to make music, ORBA 2 offers a compact and versatile solution that puts a world of musical options right at your fingertips. [More info]

with an app that allows you to customize the sounds and create your own music. It is a fun and interactive way to explore and express your creativity through music. These Specdrums rings are not just for kids, but for anyone who appreciates music and wants to enhance their musical experience. [More info]

traditional music boxes, where you are restricted to a set number of songs. This new app-controlled music box revolutionizes the experience by allowing you to choose and play your favorite songs with ease. It is truly remarkable to witness how this single device can provide endless musical possibilities, catering to your personal preferences and allowing you to enjoy a wide variety of tunes. No longer will you be confined to the pre-programmed melodies of the past – with this innovative creation, your musical dreams will become a reality. traditional music box mechanical movement is capable of producing the same timeless sound, whereas the other type of device cannot handle such songs. Muro box is unparalleled. With its incredible smart app control capabilities, this device allows users to effortlessly upload their music compositions to a cloud library. Moreover, it provides the ability to share these compositions with music enthusiasts worldwide. Additionally, users can conveniently store and play their songs through our app at any given moment. Here are the remarkable features offered by the Muro Box music box.

At CES this year, I had the opportunity to try out Roland's V-drums electronic drumset and instantly became enamored with it. Unlike traditional drum sets, this one is solely designed to produce digital sound. It is capable of connecting to a laptop or phone, allowing for versatile usage. Every strike on the drum panels generates sounds that can either be immediately heard or recorded using their computer software. The software offers various customization options and even provides instruction on how to play the drums and improve one's skills. Users can select from a range of drum types and sound effects. The drumset is also adjustable in terms of height, making it suitable for both kids and adult enthusiasts. Furthermore, it is an affordable option for anyone seeking the joy of playing the drums without having to spend a fortune. [More info]

In the beginning, this cardboard box appears to bekids toyBeatbox is not just a simple music instrument, but rather a DIY instrument. It requires manual assembly, following the included instructions. It involves many wires, so be careful not to make any mistakes. Beatbox includes rhythm pads, tuning knobs, and built-in speakers, which are not overly loud. It can be used independently or connected to a phone or laptop for capabilities such as recording and mixing. Because it is made from cardboard, Beatbox is lightweight. During my experience testing it at the CES 2020 event, I found the buttons to be quite firm and not very easy to press. The sound quality of the speakers was satisfactory. [More info]

When I initially laid eyes on this gadget, I desired it so intensely that I was willing to sacrifice my laptop for the Seaboard. I was astounded by its ability to produce sounds from any instrument and instantly fell in love with it. The ROLI Songmaker Kit includes a seaboard, a light pad, and a loop block, all of which can be customized and mixed and matched. The board is intelligent and can be connected to a smartphone or laptop. The keys are pressure-sensitive, allowing for the creation of unique sounds and music that aren't possible with a regular MIDI controller. I highly recommend exploring this gadget if you are passionate about music or enjoy it as a hobby.

parts. The expressive power of the Seaboard Block allows you to play and create music with incredible touch sensitivity, while the Lightpad Block M offers a versatile and intuitive way to shape sounds and control effects. The Loop Block provides easy control over recording and looping functions, making it effortless to capture ideas and build layered tracks. When used together, these blocks unlock a world of creative possibilities, allowing you to compose, improvise, and experiment with your music wherever you are. The Songmaker Kit is the ultimate tool for musicians, giving them the freedom to create their tracks anytime, anywhere. [More info]